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WCSS Field trial 2006


13 12 06 - The Working Clumber Spaniel Society held their annual Field Trial at North Molton, Devon.

 A good field of 15 runners - 12 Clumbers ,1 Sussex and 2 Welsh Springers ran. The Judges were John Mackay and Stuart Morgan.

We were on much the same ground as last year - again the views were fantastic and the dogs were in view most of the time. I was only able to mostly take photos from the "gallery", so no real action shots but in attendance was photographer Nick Ridley so hopefully there will be some much better photos to see on his website !

I think 7 dogs completed both runs - never too sure as events unfold. Several dogs had great first runs but then couldn't keep it together on the second run. There was some lovely stylish hunting to watch and some wonderful retrieves.


1st - Ron James with Sedgehurst Netherstowey,

2nd - John Zurick with Sedgehurst Hawkridge                                                                                                                                                     3rd - David Wood with Sedgehurst Myrtleberry

4th -  Bill Cadwell with Jubilwell Weeping Willow


Waiting for their runs.

Watching events ahead.

A fair bit of chatting goes on - as usual the dogs are keeping up with events!

Moving on.

Love the coat Georgina!

Brodie coming in with a cock bird.

Tina awaiting her turn.

Robert taking the strain off his legs.

Bill having a rest.

Bill getting a kiss.

John and Ian discussing events - John came all the way from N Ireland to run his dogs.

Bailey and Ammil.

All eyes to the front.

Poldark - she was the picking up dog for the day.

John (it seemed everyone was called John!) with Exmoor behind.

Getting towards the end of the trial - everyone much more relaxed.

Waiting for the judges to make their decision - it was cold and windy up on the top.

Trudging back to the beaters wagons - relieved to get out of the wind. It was a late finish , everyone been given a good chance to show their ability.



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