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     In August 2007 we headed off to Sweden for a two week holiday, taking in the Swedish Clumber Club Show and Ronneby Int. Show. Planning had taken months before - to get Tarka and Trogen ready to travel for their passports, we only just managed to get the correct blood tests in time to get them home. The plan was to have a leisurely drive there and back , with a good amount of time to enjoy Sweden.

    We left on a Tuesday and got to Sweden by Friday afternoon. Getting to Gränna in just enough time to throw our tent up and run to the obedience competition. I ran Tor in the Obedience competition on the Friday evening - he was placed 4th - a miracle considering I really didn't know what to expect and only because Annika Akerman was kind enough to translate the instructinos for us. Tor and Tarka  also competed for the Cocos cup - a fun scurry. I was amazed to find that Tarka was the fastest and won ! Unfortunately Torgen didn't compete as he had suddenly become ill as we got to Sweden and rather than being at the Club show the next day, spent the time and the next 24 hours in a Veterinary Hospital in Jönköping ! Tor and Tarka where fine and Tor was placed 4th in the Champion Dog class - with a Honour Prize - I was really proud of that placing. Tarka was placed third in her class - Junior Bitch - both got very nice critiquies. Fortunately Trogen made a good recovery but our plans to travel further North into Sweden was curtailed, so we stayed with Kristina Andersson to let him recover fully .

     We then travelled further South nearer to Ronneby for the show at the end of our week.  Kristina and Eva Masthagen did a very good job of keeping us entertained and occupied during our stay. The photos and videos that follow, tell some of the tale of our trip.

Some video from the Swedish Club show

Video of Tor, Trogen and Tarka enjoying them selves in Denmark and the Netherlands



We tried to stay off the main roads for the day journey between the Netherlands to Denmark - we thought we would see more ! It was novel to see signs on the canals to aid the water traffic.



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