Scotland 2006, Grouse and Rabbits




This year we decided to make our trip to Scotland a holiday having a few days either side of our Scottish trip. Rhiannon, our daughter, came too - she took most of the photos, not bad considering she is 12.

 It was lucky we had planned ahead as it allowed us to join in, although later than the rest (yes - we were VERY late !!!) with a day on a grouse moor in the Yorkshire Dales. A fantastic opportunity for all of us, including the dogs, to experience.

We all met up the following day for our 2 days working our dogs on the rabbits of Leadhills. The first day the weather was intermittent - the following day it poured with rain, hence no photos. We finished the day drenched , for some it meant a long drive home, for others, time to go back to our rooms and get ready for another entertaining evening together.

We drove to Scotland via the Lake District -a view from the road.

Another view across Cumbria.

An impressive valley with small lake at the bottom.

Ammil, Janner, Kara and Ginny looking at the view.

After a day travelling we found a beach on the Solway Firth for the dogs to play on - this is Kara

Kara again

Ginny getting wet.

Kara and Ginny.

Kara and Ginny again.

Janner finally agreed to get wet !

Ian taking Janner for a quick training session .

The following days we drove back down South to Yorkshire - here is Andy and Archie in search of grouse.

Andy and Archie again - just before they put up a lovely covey of grouse.


Debbie and Hebe.

A view across the grouse moor.

The "bag" at the end of the day - 11 grouse and 4 rabbits.

A group photo with our host Dr Alan Taylor in the front.

Archie , in Scotland , the day after the grouse.

Planning the day.

Discussing the dogs.

Getting ready.

Discussing the days events - Debbie and Ken.

John Gibson with one of his dogs - not sure if is Bailey or Webster!

We split into 2 groups - these had further to go!

Yellow sheep, no we weren't mad and we all saw them! Apparently they are coloured like this before they are sold.

A beautiful rainbow. It did stop raining!

We stayed at the same farm as last year - how about this for a place to stay!

The dogs thought it was wonderful - even more rabbits!

Ginny taking a last look at Scotland, just before we left.




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