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In mid April we set off for a weeks break in Ireland. The weather was glorious and as we were staying right by the beach we spent a lot of time walking along the deserted sandy beach with the dogs.

We took Kara and Tarka - they thought it was fabulous too running and playing on the sand and in the sea - for April the sea was amazingly warm.

Here they are playing on the beach - Ireland video

The first evening and Tarka was checking out the various smells.

Tarka in the gloom.

Tarka wondering where the water ends!

Well aren't you coming in too?

Lets run.

Rhiannon and Ian.

Sunrise over the sea.

Johnston Castle

Johnston Castle

The cottage and the beach.

Morning walk.

Waiting for a dummy to be thrown into the water.

All that sand to ourselves!



Tarka getting wet again.

Tarka with a dummy.

Down on the beach.

Tarka having fun.

Tarka enjoying the water.

Tarka .

Emma getting wet with Tarka.

Throwing the only thing to hand - seaweed!

Another beach to ourselves!

More seaweed.

Tarka - now haven't I seen her Dad jump like this?

Kara hoping for a retrieve

Go on throw it!

Getting in deeper.

I've got it!

Tarka - rock climbing.

Kara - I did take some photos of her.

Kara again.

In the back garden of the cottage.




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