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I hope you enjoy this site, where you can meet the dogs.

We bought our first Clumber in 1983, Abby was a pet first and foremost as are all the dogs today. She taught us though that Clumbers love to work and that health issues are of major importance within the breed. She died suddenly from heart failure at the age of 7 1/2. She was never bred from but her successor - Scherzando Ripple of Abbyford was the start of my line which carries the name of our first much loved Abby.  

I take a serious interest in the health of the breed, keeping a database of all Clumbers bred in the UK and many abroad. I am on the Health and Welfare Sub Committee of the Clumber Spaniel Club. I liaised with the Kennel Club and the Animal Health Trust and was instrumental in getting the PDP1 genetic test brought into the UK. This test is now a recommendation for Accredited Breeder Scheme members to have their breeding stock tested for the condition. All my dogs are either tested clear or hereditarily clear of this condition - being the first person in the UK to have their dogs tested.

All my dogs and puppies are fed on BARF (Bones and Raw Food) and have been 1999. I feel that in doing so I have managed to let the puppies grow slowly and steadily and I think this probably contributes to the success in breeding lower hip scores. I only use stud dogs that have been hip scored and have been fortunate over the past decade bred many low scoring Clumbers. I aspire to breed healthy, happy Clumbers that are capable of working in the field for the day - that actually look like Clumbers ! Hence I do show occasionally to prove that my dogs do fit the standard - my youngest dog Storm did qualify for Crufts at his first show , unfortunately as he is docked it was not legal for me to show him there so he wasn't entered.

I am also very aware that many Clumbers currently being bred for work are far too inbred - risking problems for the future. I will only breed a litter if the parents are not closely related, likewise, I will only allow my stud dogs to be used on bitches that are similarly unrelated. I am strongly opposed to breeding litters that over several generations are horrendously closely related and it is not in the breeds interest for breeders to continue this - unfortunately many working Clumber breeders do not seem to appreciate what they are doing or are following the wrong advise. The breed average of inbreeding according to the Kennel Club is 19.1%  - many trialling Clumbers are now repeatedly notching up double the inbreeding at 33-35% - higher than the  accidental litter I had of the full brother, sister in 2004 !!

.  I am also an Associate of the Kennel Club.

I only breed occasional litters - primarily when I want something for myself. All my puppies have started their vaccinations, are microchipped and KC registered before leaving home. 



Abbyford Clumbers - in the ring

Tor at the Swedish Clumber Club's first Official show August 2011

3rd Best Dog, RCAC, 1st Veteran Dog, BIS Veteran

Photo Stina Masthagen











Abbyford Clumbers - at work.

Janner at the WCSS Mock Field Trial October 2008.

Photo Steve Loveridge








Abbyford Clumbers - at rest.

Mika - Photo Kieran Johnson







Abbyford Clumbers - as Mothers.

Inga December 2009






Latest News

Hip Score

Find out what we have been doing recently
  • 17/12/16 - Hip score Stats now up to date.
  • 15/12/16 - All health results updated. Tor's page updated - we sadly lot him in October.
  • 19/4/16 - After 3 years I have finally got around to updating my database and the hip score results on this website.
  • 29/9/15 - The final EIC result is in - Gry is Clear. The whole Kennel is EIC Clear.
  • 24/9/15 - EIC results arrived - website updated. See Present Dogs, Litters.
  • 18/9/15 - Information and Results of Exercise induced Collapse in Clumbers can be found here.
  • 8/9/15 - Following the announcement of a validated test for Exercise Induced Collapse in Clumber Spaniels. I aim to get my breeding stock tested as soon as I can. This is the Statement about EIC in Clumbers on the Laboklin news page
  •  "Exercise Induced Collapse ( EIC ) has now been validated in Clumber Spaniel

    We are pleased to announce the Exercise Induced Collapse DNA test has now been validated in Clumber Spaniel. We would like to thank the Clumber Spaniel Club and the Working Clumber Spaniel Society, and all Clumber Spaniel owners who submitted samples that helped in our research to validate the test in this breed.

    Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) is an inherited condition that affects a number of dog breeds including Chesapeake Bay Retriever, German Wirehaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever, Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail), Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cocker Spaniel, Curly Coated Retriever, Boykin Spaniel and Bouvier des Flanders. EIC has now been validated in Clumber Spaniel. Affected dogs can endure mild to moderate exercise but after 5 to 20 minutes of heavy exercise with extreme excitement, the dog shows weakness and then collapse. Severely affected dogs may collapse whenever they are exercised to this extend other dogs only exhibit collapse episodes sporadically. Signs of EIC are not typically seen until the dog begin intense training. First symptoms are usually noted between 5 months and 3 years of age. However, it is confirmed that some affected dogs did not have collapse episodes until as late as age 10.

    The test is now available for ordering.

  • 6/9/15 - Happy to announce a litter of 9 pups born 24/8/15. Co-owned with Margaret Hughes. Sire Abbyford Bold Venturer*, Dam, Gry. There are 5 dogs and 4 bitches.
  • 17 11 14 -Catching up!
  • Bridie and Trebah's hip and Elbow scores done - both excellent scores
  • October was a very special month - Trebah - Abbyford Bold Venturer* won the dog CC, RBIS and BOS at the Clumber Spaniel Club Championship show at just 1 year and 10 days old!! This follows up from his PG4 at the City of Birmingham Championship show, not bad for the only 2 shows he has gone to. Margaret Hughes his owner has been equally stunned and delighted.
  • Gry's puppies born in May have all grown up and moved to their new homes and Rut returned to Sweden.
  • 11 11 13 - Ruts puppies are growing well some new photos can be seen on the puppy page.. They are all sold.
  • 3 10 13 - Rut's puppies have arrived - born 24/9/13. 7 dogs and 2 bitches. Sire Wooliebourne Voom Voom.
  • 11 4 13 - Gry's X-ray results are back - Hips 8, Elbows 0.
  • 9 3 13 - A successful at Cruft's - Tor won Veteran Dog and Gry won her class - Junior Bitch.
  • 10 1 13 - Updated the hipscore results page. Added new photos to Storm's page.
  • 13 5 12 - Gry and Rut are both tested clear for PDP1. They also both qualified for Crufts at the WELKS Championship show.
  • 14 3 11 - Margaret Hughes and myself are delighted to welcome Gry to the UK. She is the most beautiful girl and we hope she will compliment our lines . She has been chosen for her type and health.
  •  14 1 12 - Today Trogen - was awarded his KC Working Gundog Certificate - many thanks to Heather Mayes for training and handling him.
  • 2 1 12 - Barney's page updated with new photos.
  • 3 11 11. Lesley Knowles had a litter by Xon and her Buffy (Slinkett Antonia) DOB 20 10 11 - these are all now sold.. See Puppy News.
  • 3 9 11 - Delighted to see that Rut's registration with the KC has been completed. She has 2 ** by her name to mark her pedigree, any puppies she has will have 1 * by their name and any of their progeny will not have any asteriks. So pleased the Kennel Club have accepted and acknowledged her pedigree with no quibbles.
  • Margaret Hughes had some Clumber Spaniel puppies  - they are from her Etheridge Aiofe and by Tor , they are all now sold . Photos and more information can be seen on her website - Etheridge Clumber Spaniels.
  • 17 8 11 - A very successful trip to Sweden for the International Seminar and shows. Tor was 3rd in the Obedience Competition, Trogen 4th. At the Clumber Klubben first official Show the judge was Karin Brostam Berglund (Don's) , Tor was 1st Veteran Dog, 3rd Best Dog, RCAC, Best Veteran in Show, Xon - 1st Open dog, 4th Best dog, all in glorious sunshine. The following day, in pouring rain and mud,  the judge was Margareta Edman ( Clumbrolds) . Tor was again 1st Veteran Dog and then went on to be 2nd Best Dog and 3rd BIS Veteran, Patch was 1st Open Bitch and 3rd Best Bitch, Rut was 2nd Open Bitch ( she wasn't shown the day before ). A very memorable weekend.
  • 13 8 11 - Rut is now here in the UK !!!
  • 17 7 11 - Tor and Xon enjoyed a flying trip to the World dog Show in Paris last week. Tor ended up World Winner Veteran Dog and Xon 2nd in Open Dog, Both were graded Excellent.
  •  Tor at the World Dog Show,  Paris, July 2011Xon at the World Dog Show,  Paris, July 2011
  • 4 6 11 - New Photo of Rut.
  • Delighted to see that the Kennel Club have now set up Mate Select to assist breeders in their choices - includes a COI calculater for individual dogs and for test matings
  • 2 4 11 - Delighted to hear from Sweden that Rut's x-ray results are published - Hips A, Elbows 0  - Excellent news, looking forward to her arrival in the UK in August!
  • 19 2 11 - The latest video of the pups added.
  • 30 1 11 - Video added of the pups.  
  • 27 12 10 - Delighted to announce the puppies arrived 23 12 10 - 3 bitches and 3 dogs.
  • 18 11 10 - Puppies available by Abbyford dogs.
  • 18 11 10 - Abbyford puppies due just before Christmas - Inga x Xon the pups will have an inbreeding  COI of 6.5%.
  • 6 10 10 - Had to say good bye to Kara - far too young, she was looking forward to an exciting Winter working but sadly it was not to be...
  • 8 9 10 - Rut's page updated.
  • 3 7 10 - Delighted to introduce Rut in co ownership with Kristina Andersson .
  • 13 8 09 -Today I have added the in breeding COI for each litter I have bred. This represents how closely related the parents are - the lower the percentage shows that they are much less in bred and thus have a wider genetic base to keep the breed healthy. The Swedish Clumber Club breed to a guide of no more than 6% over 5 generations to keep a rich diversity of breeding stock ie hopefully a healthier breed in the long term.

Previous updates to be found on the news page.


Page updated with Hip and PDP1 results and EIC status  - 17/12/2016

Latest Hip Scores marked in grey cells. I have also added a new feature - all the scores in alphabetical order as a pdf.

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